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Streamlined And Scaled Podcast with Theresa Loe

Aug 28, 2020

YOU get to build whatever team you want in your business.

But if you've never built a powerhouse team before...(And most entrepreneurs haven't)...then you probably aren't sure what traits to be looking for when hiring and setting up your team.

Don’t guess!

In this episode, host Theresa Loe shares exactly what a...

Aug 21, 2020

Your business will go through growth spurts and so will you. In fact, being a business owner will force you to grow a lot as a person.

The problem comes when the business grows faster than the CEO. 

When this happens, you can feel overwhelmed, overworked or frazzled. You may even want to hold the business back so that...

Aug 13, 2020

When you’re stepping into new things it’s totally normal to have a little self doubt every once in a while. never want that self doubt to hang around long enough to hold you back.

Massive self doubt (or imposter syndrome) can show up as you lead your team or market your products. And it can even show up...

Aug 6, 2020

Business owners don’t have the bandwidth or the budget to deal with an under-performing team member right now.

But knowing there’s a problem doesn’t mean you know how to handle it.  In fact, it probably makes you uncomfortable and stuck on what to do next.

In this episode, host Theresa Loe, walks you through how...