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Streamlined And Scaled Podcast with Theresa Loe

Jun 17, 2020

It was while Tracy Campoli was expecting her daughter, that she realized she was over-working.

She had a thriving fitness business that she loved. But Tracy knew she was working too much and she wanted more time freedom with her new family on the way. 

Tracy's goals? To ONLY work a few hours per day going forward AND to take a 2 month maternity leave without sacrificing her biz.

Was it possible?


In this episode, host Theresa Loe takes you behind the scenes of how she guided Tracy to streamline everything so that she could work less and make more.

Today it's 1 year later and Tracy still has her time freedom and...her business is still thriving!

You'll learn:

  • What it means to streamline your business
  • The three pillars Tracy went through to streamline
  • How having the RIGHT systems allows you to get your life back
  • Key mindset shifts that give you space so you can focus on what matters to you
  • A day in the life of the streamlined CEO
  • And SO much more...

For episode show notes and more info on how you can streamline your biz go to