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Streamlined And Scaled Podcast with Theresa Loe

Mar 13, 2020

In business, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the tasks, details and the organization of it all. If you're not careful, chaos will reign.

But here's the thing... projects can be organized and completed without chaos.

You just need a system that creates a calm working environment. It's better for you, better for your team and better for your project.

In this episode, host Theresa Loe chats with April Perry from Learn Do Become about their different approaches to project management with less stress.

There's lots of tips and takeaways in this one!

You'll learn:

  • Tips to prioritize your to-do list
  • How to manage your projects without chaos
  • The common mistakes leaders make during the organizing and delegating phases
  • Why calm and organized leadership is SO important
  • A clear and simple way to approach all of your projects
  • And SO much more...

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