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Streamlined And Scaled Podcast with Theresa Loe

Nov 23, 2019

Looking at the legal stuff in our business can seem boring, intimidating or maybe a little scary. But here's the deal...It's important! And it's not has hard as you think it is.

Host Theresa Loe brought on her legal guru, Bobby Klink. He's a Harvard lawyer who helps online entrepreneurs understand all the legal contracts, course agreements, contractor agreements, privacy policies. etc that we should have in order to protect ourselves. And...He's an online entrepreneur too. So he "gets" us!

You'll learn:

  • Three key steps to keeping your business safe
  • How to shield your personal assets if there's a problem
  • When to file trademarks and when to skip it
  • Why you should always have a written agreement with friends
  • Which contracts you need when hiring a team
  • And so much more...

As always, you can go to to get all the links and free resources mentioned.