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Streamlined And Scaled Podcast with Theresa Loe

Jun 10, 2021

The statistics for our sleep patterns are not good. In fact, at any given time, 68% of all Americans report having serious trouble sleeping in the last 7 days. It’s a chronic problem.

Here’s the truth:

Your level of sleep has a massive impact on your daily performance and your health. It can be the difference between a focused, productive day OR a frantic, slog of a day that drags on forever with no downtime.

In other words...Sleep can affect your quality of life AND your bottom line in business.

In this week’s episode, host Theresa Loe explains how you can determine your current state of nightly sleep. And shares practical, actionable advice for improving the quantity AND the quality of your sleep so that you can be a better business owner, leader, and happier person.


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